Welcome to SAFElink Group

SAFElink is more than just a provider of security; we are a full-service integrator of security systems that are designed, installed and supported to serve your company, your assets, your facilities, your employees, your technology and trade secrets, in short your entire business can be safeguarded through CCTV, Access Control Systems, Entrance Control, ULC Listed Burglar Alarm Systems, Perimeter Protection and Fire/Sprinkler systems.

SAFElink has been providing security services since 1984, with a proven track record in the areas of design, integration and installation of all types of security and life safety systems.

Our customer service is guaranteed to meet your expectations; we provide you with the best possible service and support 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

We believe that your security and fire prevention is only as good as the quality of the installation and service. With this attitude, we have adopted at SAFElink, combined with the comprehensive list of services we offer, has garnered us an enviable reputation within the marketplace.

  • Expert installation by our highly trained technicians.
  • Commitment to use the most technologically advanced and proven equipment available.
  • Complete technical and service support 24hrs – 365 days a year.
  • Full warranty offered on all systems.
  • ULC certified systems if required by your insurance company.
  • 24hr a day monitoring by our ULC listed central alarm station.

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